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Busy days – or when the life happens… ;)

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Few down days, when nothing makes sense. Did not write Beyond #3. Did not write anything at all. Inspiration got choked by the need to clean the house for a double-whammy Sonnyboy’s BD party. Parties I should say. Friends-Saturday and Family-Sunday parties. Cleaning to do, baking to make. Some (2) Birthday cakes, which I don’t buy anymore. Cookies. Baked doughnuts. Yum.

Kids party exhausting but simple. There has to be pizza. There can be no cake it turns out, but pizza is a must. And chips. Nothing healthy in that, but that’s their party 🙂

Sunday. The cooking. For a few years now I learned to prep the meats ahead and freeze it. Saves lots of time on the day of the party. So a few salads, mashed potatoes. Veggie platter. Fruit. Prepped ahead, put on plates, because- hey – if I’m making a party I want to be in it too 🙂

So now to wake up that inspiration.

I hope I’ll be able to return to Anise and Joe and find out what happens next…

p.s. and btw – I’m visiting Ula today 🙂 You can read a little bit about poetry in my life HERE 🙂


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