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How exactly did it happen I am not sure. Of course I set myself for a long run today – how couldn’t I? If the weather out there was just asking for it – 16C. cool breeze… How the heck was it 72% humidity I have no clue. But nevermind. I was itching to add some to my distance. 11.5km was the previous one. As I was running – I got courageous and took the trails (not too safe I’ve been told… but I am not sure now about that… quite a few walkers, bikers, runners, dog-walkers, elderly woman with her PSW… does not scream unsafe to me…?). And it payed off big time! I was able to run up and down the hills, all the time having trees to give me shade and there was a breeze from the creek… And I spotted lots of birds (bright red cardinals including!) few squirrels (nothing unusual 😉 ), and three little bunnies… Had to be babies really they were so tiny!!!

Overall – I had to push myself quite a bit but not until last kilometer. Surprising how the weather has enormous impact on my running!

So – there we go! My new record!!! 🙂
IMG_0138 IMG_0136


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