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The 13… —-> 100WCGU


/Yes, I am starting, or joining rather, a new challenge. I find I work best when I have something that’d give me a little push. AND looks like I am not good in challenging myself, so there. 100 Words Challenge for Grown Ups Week #158  – here I come! :D/

The thirteenth one was the smallest of them all. Poor thing, always pushed away from mommy…and the food. She picked up the little guy and brought him closer to her face. He licked her thumb and gave out the tiniest whimper…  
Great warmth spilled all over her body. Thinking about a good name for the pup, she noticed a little patch on his front paw. It looked like… a clover?
She’d name him Lucky.

She smiled and wiped the tears from her eyes. Was she crying all that time…?
He’s going to be okay… They’re going to be okay…


8 thoughts on “The 13… —-> 100WCGU

  1. This touches the heart and makes me imagine what the past held.

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