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The Wing of Time…


/Finally I was able to put a little story together for Keith’s Kreative Kue – 32 :)/

Travelling by air, he’d always take the wing. Or close to it. Smiling, he’d remember how his great-grandma used to tell the story about being brave in the airplane. She did not even have a car. When her daughter emigrated to Canada, she decided to visit her. Being scared of water, she decided to try travelling by air. “Grandma, and you weren’t scared?” – her daughter asked. “Nope. The airplane wasn’t flying that high. Whenever I looked out the window I saw the roofs of the houses”.
Of course those weren’t any roofs. She had a wing-seat 😉 And the story survived in the family for some 20+years…

So the wing was like a way to get great-grandma’s protection. He could almost feel her presence right there, beside him. She would have been 116 years old this past March. Oh the stories she could have told him… And yes, now he’d be ready to listen… Now he’d be writing them all down, or better yet, recording them all. There is so little written down about his family, his roots…

Staring at this wing, shaking a little bit from time to time, he was wondering what great-grandma was thinking about. Was she worried at all? Or simply took out her rosary and prayed… With a peaceful smile on her face…

He closed his eyes.

In his dreams he was walking through the meadows with great-grandma, listening to all the stories of her life, that he used to impatiently cut short years ago… Little boys don’t have any time to spare, do they?


4 thoughts on “The Wing of Time…

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  3. Thank you, Emilia. Superb response to the prompt.

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