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A Team


Yup, it is official.

We even have a formal pic together. Could be our logo 😀 why not? 😀



Seriously though –  I truly hope they’ll stick to it for the summer. I also wish someone told me that you do not have to run 20 minutes straight with no walking breaks from the get-go. I wish at school we did NOT do endurance tests, speed tests and such. I wish the phys-ed teacher would take her time to show us how to start running. How to give it a fair chance.

I’m trying to do it for my kiddos now. I don’t know if they will like it or not, if they’d stick with it or not. I just want to show them how to start, how to ease into it.

Week #1 of C25K officially done 🙂

I’m proud of Us! 😀


4 thoughts on “A Team

  1. I love it. Agree with you totally. My high school only offered basketball team. I would’ve tried tennis and running. It was all girls Catholic. I took racquetball in college and tennis. Glad you’re such a good mom!

  2. Rooting for you here, Emilia.

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