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Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge – #2 – Fibre!


Disclaimer :

Honest warning  – the story, while meant to be funny,
might appear to be a bit gross to some, and the subject, well, disgusting … 😉
So use caution ye of sensitive hearts! (and stomachs 🙂 )


What? Haven’t you heard about the importance of fibre in your system? Helps pretty much with everything, from too high cholesterol to… well… constipation. Yup. That’s right. And every-bunny knows how hard can that be. Have you heard about a bunny that’d have high cholesterol? Me neither. Truly I am starting to worry about all you humans! It is so easy to get enough fibre! I have no idea what is written on this box, my human slave keeps changing those things on us (she does not appreciate the true art of bunny-fication of objects or true bunny-art!), but I am tellin’ you: grab a nice bundle of freshly dried hay and don’t delay – munch away!!!! Hay is the best what you can eat to make sure your droppings are nice and round! (just talk to my human, she freaks out each time ours aren’t perfectly round and big! And she can talk bunny-poop related subjects for hours! I caught her once chatting about it with Amy the Sheep for two hours!) Hay is the way to go!

And it smells just… divine! 😀

Sincerely yours,

Flippy, The Mini Rex


6 thoughts on “Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge – #2 – Fibre!

  1. Thanks for the laugh. Your bunnies are right. Fiber is super important.

  2. What a cute picture and story! Very creative. 🙂

  3. thanks for highlighting the importance of fibre

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