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Beyond #5


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The cop in him wanted to tape everything around the log cabin-cottage. Although there seemed to be nobody – and no body – inside anymore, he trusted Joe when he said there were two, male and female. Now the whole “look-alike thing” – that he was not sure about. Sounded downright creepy. But, this whole situation was so crazy that he couldn’t imagine anyone making it up and trying to pass as real. Someone once said the life comes up with the craziest things, and that seems to be true in this case…

So the friend in him won. He decided that no matter how crazy things get, he`s with Joe in this one. He wasn’t  officially on this case, but Anise’s parents were advised to fill the missing person report, and Rob, the detective in their station texted him a while ago that he’s been assigned to it. Good. Rob is a good guy, and a thorough one. If there is anything important to the case to be found on mainland – he’d find it. Meanwhile he would see what he can find here…

Joe was sitting on the steps to the house, his head down, shoulders slouched down. Mike was wondering if there was something going on between the two… Anise and Joe were never a couple, well, not officially, but everyone could tell there is that spark, that something between them. So far it seemed obvious to everyone else but them.

“Joe. I told you we’ll find her. C’mon. Lets go” – Mike offered his hand to help Joe up.

“Go, Mike? Go – where exactly? Look man, we just made a whole freaking circle. I have no clue what’s going on. Why someone – and who was it? Is someone living on this island? – would kidnap Anise, and apparently let her go just like that, bringing her here, to the cabin, where we found those two… dead… copies of us? So now what? Where did she go? And where should we go?!” Joe was yelling but there was no anger in his voice. Just pain.

Mike did not have the answer. This whole situation wasn’t anything like the regular stuff he was used to. Not that there is anything regular really in his job, but still. This island had that surreal feel to it, the feel that anything and everything is possible, and, in fact, the thing with the bunnies showing the way? Well, for some reason it was not that strange anymore.

Just as he finished thinking that, they was a loud stomp right behind them. They turned their heads in sync, towards the noise. There was one of the rabbits that had brought them here. He cocked his head to one side and hopped down the stairs.

“This is crazy, man.” Joe said.
“Yeah, I know. Does not look like we have any other lead though.” Mike responded.

They followed the rabbit into the woods yet again.


Anise’s legs were tired. She was following that rabbit for what seemed to be a long time. Lost the orientation, had no clue where she was anymore, nothing was familiar, trees were thicker than ever. The rabbit in front of her was slowing down whenever he saw her slowing down, but did not stop. That’s it, I am crazy. I must be going really mad. I just need to see a Mad Hatter and then they can put me in the straight jackets, and I won’t even protest...   

After a few more minutes the woods appeared to be thinning out, to finally open up to a beautiful meadow. Right in the middle of it there was another log cabin, very similar to the one she saw just a while ago. As she walked closer, she noticed a person sitting on a chair as if guarding the doors. She couldn`t tell if it was a man or a woman – the clothes were plain and there was some scarf around the head. By his/her feet there were dozens of rabbits sitting calmly, seeming to just wait for something… Anise stopped, all of a sudden a feeling came to her, a feeling that she knows this person. That this was the person that took her from under the deer blind… Funny, she wasn’t scared. She was as calm as almost never. The person did not speak a word, just stretched out one hand, beckoning her to come closer…
Not knowing why was she doing what she was doing, Anise walked towards the house… The rabbits made a path for her, spreading on both sides, as if they were guarding the house. She stopped right in front of the door. When she turned her head towards the mystery person, there was nobody there. She turned back, looked around – but there were just rabbits around her… She looked at the door once more and went in.

Written for the #fridayflash.


7 thoughts on “Beyond #5

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  4. Wow … more and more questions. Look forward to the next instalment.

  5. Intriguing!!! You really brought me into the story. Keep writing.

  6. I love mysteries. Thanks for sharing your writing with us.

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