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Five Photos, Five Stories —> #5, Radishes :)

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Yup. Totally and helplessly not-romantic radishes. Grown in my own veggie garden, possibly a bit too late. But so what? 😀 Always good to get some spring in the summer:)

I also spotted some (two exactly) ALMOST ripe tomatoes. “Sweet million” I believe. Well, so far two. Tiny, itsy-bitsy:) But for me  perfect 🙂

To tell you the truth – my Parents usually had a veggie garden,somehow managed to get a garden and we all had to participate in various jobs. I did not ever think that I’ll be planting my own garden and making sure stuff grows and gets picked too 🙂

The idea of me, going in my pj’s  and picking some stuff for lunch – priceless!!!! (though why I’d be in my PJ’s around lunch time is beyond me


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