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It hit me that even though the in-laws “aren’t family”, my husband is. Therefore his grief is mine. His loss is mine as well. I suffer when he’s hurting. The meaning of being THERE for him is actually being HERE for him. And hold his hand when he needs it, but also laugh with him if he feels like it. Remember all the funny stuff if that’s his way of coping.

One wonderful yet simple Polish priest and poet wrote once – let’s hurry to love others, they go away/pass away so quickly… A pair of lonely shoes and the silent phone is what’s going to be left…

So true. Especially that silent phone. And maybe not shoes, but that empty spot by the table, that we all will notice on each holiday/Birthday family celebration…

Life goes on. Sun is rising and setting, no matter who is there to look at it…



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  1. You’re a good wife. It’s an awful thing to go through. Hope he’s doing okay as well as all of you. ❤️

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