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Around Lake Superior – Summer Vacation 2015 —> #1. Sudbury


IMG_0525I don’t exactly remember where and how we came up with the idea… Originally we just wanted to make a trip to Thunder Bay – to pay respects to Terry Fox, a true hero, young man, who pretty much single handedly started all those runs for different charities. His idea? Well, with his cancer (which left him without one leg) in remission, he thought he’d run across Canada to raise money for cancer research. He thought if every Canadian would donate just $1, there would be over $30 million… Unfortunately, the cancer came back and Terry was forced to stop his Marathon of Hope in Thunder Bay…IMG_0536

So here we were – planning to simply drive to Thunder Bay and back.
Seeing what we could see on the way… But in the meantime I’ve read “Geared for the Grave” by wonderful cozy mystery writer Duffy Brown (who visited my blog twice already, for the cozy interview and with her guest post. The whole action in this book is happening on Mackinac Island, where no motorized vehicles are allowed… At first I thought it to be a fictional place 😀 Then I did my research – and sure enough, it turned out to be real! Not only that, but only about an hour drive from Sault Ste Marie…


Long story short – we decided to spend two nights in St. Ignace (Michigan), and spend one whole day on Mackinac Island. 🙂 And when my Husband looked at the map, he suggested that what the heck – if we already are down there, South of Lake Superior, we might as well continue our trip on the US side of it, this way making the full loop around the Lake. Wow. I spent a few days trying to plan what we could see on the way 🙂

So here we go – first stop – Sudbury. Not much to see on the way, except wonderful views on Georgian Bay… IMG_0553

We arrived in Sudbury early enough to still go and do some sight seeing 🙂 We’ve discovered different types of squirrels – much smaller and brownish-red 🙂  Beautiful flower-gardens just by the little marina there…

We drove to see the Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto, beautifully situated at the top of a hill, surrounded by Stations of the cross and few monuments.

The view from that place was stunning, there also was a fountain, apparently very popular with the Wedding Parties – as we were walking around we saw two different “just married” parties coming there to take pictures…IMG_0555

From there we went to see the Big Nickel 🙂

It is a must-see there, and very hard to miss, a big thing up the hill, clearly visible from most places 😀

IMG_0569No disappointment here – there it was 🙂 Big and shiny 😉

After a bit of driving around we found the boardwalk – advertised as a very beautiful one, but google puts it at the strange address (it initially brought us to the marina… later we found out that we were supposed to walk PAST the marina, in a different direction that we actually went 🙂 oh well.).

The boardwalk turned out to be truly stunning – but it is best to drive to the Discovery Center, in the evening there is no fee for parking, and start the walk from there… IMG_0610

Wooden or not – this boardwalk offered beautiful views …

IMG_0612 IMG_0623 IMG_0648

I also was able to get my feed of birch trees, which I love the most of all trees…


As to the International Bridge – it was self-explanatory 🙂


By the end of the day everyone was tired enough to just fall asleep 🙂

Next stop? St. Ignace, Michigan!!! 🙂


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