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Around Lake Superior – Summer Vacation 2015 —> #2. St. Ignace


The trip from Sudbury to St.Ignace (Michigan) turned out to be pretty interesting. We were travelling along little lakes and ponds, most of them covered with blooming water lilies – beautiful sights 🙂 IMG_0692

A cute little rapids-like falls (Kennebec Falls), right under the bridge 🙂

First longer stop (and a little D-tour) was Elliot Lake, little town about 30 km North from Hwy 17, about half-way point from Sudbury to Sault Ste. Marie.

This little town used to be not so little, back at the mining times… Yes, that’s right, nowadays not active, it used to be an important source of uranium. We visited the Nuclear and Mining Museum there, turned out to be pretty interesting for everyone 🙂 IMG_0706

Very beautiful door, now not opening just put  there for us to look at 🙂

And an example of a rock in which there are some layers or uranium. Very close IMG_0709and detailed information about the process of mining uranium, as well as what happens with it next, up to the actual reaction, different states of it up to the product used for heating etc. (at nuclear plants).

The kids seemed to be very interested in it all as well.

There also were display explaining what are the options with getting rid of the nuclear waste… Interesting facts.


Logging Memorial, Blind River

It was time for us to go,  quite a bit of travelling still before us, especially that we weren’t sure how big of a line there will be at the border.

Off we went then, making another stop at another museum site – Blind River, and Logging Museum, with interesting displays of pioneer & first settlers life.


Quite a few interesting pieces, a general store display ………………………..


or the perm – hair curling machine,


or dentist’s chair (or a huge, wooden “washing machine”) just to name a few 🙂

We knew we had not much time, so off we went again 🙂

Crossing the border in Sault Ste. Marie turned out to be not so bad, with about 7 cars in front of us. The bridge, while beautiful was totally scary to me, but I am a scaredy cat, so nothing new there 🙂

IMG_0800Once on the US side – almost at once we hit a big D-tour on I75 South. Oh well. 🙂

Arrived at St. Ignace, checked into a pretty nice motel (beautiful name “Aurora Borealis Motor Inn” – nice, clean, not too expensive, if only it had a fridge… 😉 ) and went to see the marina and a bit of a “downtown”.IMG_0784

Walking on the boardwalk, towards the lighthouse, we spotted Mackinac Island, and even the few ferries coming back from it… That’s where we were heading out the next day…


Found a nice – if on a more expensive (for us) side – restaurant (Driftwood Restaurant), and set out to catch some sunset…

It was truly beautiful, even if not “on the proper side” of the lake (yup, not so good sunsets in St. Ignace, wrong side of Lake Huron. For sunsets – go to Southampton, Ontario. Or Kincardine. Or Sauble Beach 🙂 )

Still – I’d call it pretty good catch…



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  2. Some great photos !!!!

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