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Cee’s Which Way Challenge –> #33


Skipped some, but hope to be back for longer 🙂 Week #33 🙂

A few pictures – from last  vacation of course 😀


  • a path to Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island 🙂 the Grand really looks grand, could have toured it but I thought to pay the fee to tour a hotel is kinda silly… so just looked from the outside 😉


  • roads on Mackinac Island. I will do a whole separate post about the Island – but just a peak – at the roads there 🙂 There are no motorized vehicles allowed on the Island, so horse carriages and bikes are a normal view 😀


  • boardwalk in Sudbury (this and next pic were featured in my Sudbury post as well 🙂 )


  • International Bridge, Sudbury, Ontario 😀

2 thoughts on “Cee’s Which Way Challenge –> #33

  1. These are such wonderful which ways for this week 😀

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