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Around Lake Superior – Summer Vacation 2015 —> #3. Mackinac Island



But before we put our feet on that Island, let me tell you a story 🙂

It all started when I joined the Cozy Chicks group on Facebook, and vowed that I’d read at least one book by each of the authors. On one of my ventures to the bookstore I bought a first book in a new series by Duffy Brown (who was my guest on this blog on two occasions 🙂 ) – Geared for the Grave, a cozy mystery set on Mackinac Island where no motorized vehicles were allowed… IMG_0812
Huh, I thought. Could that be a real island? Googled it – and sure enough, such island exists. I was intrigued, and as I wrote already in my first vacation post – was able to include a visit there in our vacation!

IMG_0820So here we are –
after about 20 minutes of pretty fast and smooth ferry ride – we walk onto the land… I took a deep breath with a big smile on my face… “Mom it stinks here!” IMG_0821
Well. You can count on your kids in such moments, can’t you? 🙂 Sure it did not smell of roses – we walked straight onto a street busy with tourists rushing there and back, walking, biking and using horse carriages 🙂 IMG_0835And where are the horses, there you can find their… well…  poop.
“Take deep breath in, you won’t have it at home” I responded, determined to have fun and that’s it! 🙂

We decided no bikes, we’ll walk. And walk we did. A LOT. IMG_0845Estimated over 8km in total 🙂 In a scorching sun. But – boy was it worth it!!! The views, the atmosphere – just wonderful!

The Island has its own Statue of Liberty ;), with the view on the Fort Mackinac, just across the street 🙂

We found the cutest little church, St. Anne’s Roman Catholic, white on the outside, and – surprise – white inside as well!

IMG_0847So pretty!

We kept walking, taking it all in and trying not to pay too much attention to the complaints of the kids (where are we going? and how far it is? and what for? are we there yet? and what well be doing there?… not the most fun part of the trip, but, well. All calculated in the mental “costs” of the trip 😉 ).IMG_0892

We made it to the Arch Rock, over 200 steps to have this view (crowded with tourists, line up to take a pic. Yeah 😉 ).


Then another rock formation called Sugar Loaf Rock, less picturesque, but also pretty, from there I spotted some steps up, of course I went to check where to? 🙂 Turned out to be another view-point.

Little Stone Church – pretty especially on the outside, less so inside. IMG_0935

Plenty of B&Bs, in really beautiful little or big houses, some with tower-like rooms…


…And some with elaborate flowering gardens in front…

Quite tired, we decided to find a place to eat lunch… Which proved to be not too easy task, as it was IMG_0910after all lunchtime and everyone was thinking the same 😉

Some restaurants looked somewhat too fancy… like that one with the pile of turtles at it’s outside patio’s fence post 😉


But we were able to find an “all you can eat pizza & salad” @ Murray Hotel, in its Garden Room – which was pretty and economical for our family 🙂


And of course I had to visit the bookstore on the Island 🙂
Buffy Brown’s “Geared…” had the honorary spot on the shelf 🙂 Rightfully so – I suspect quite a few people got curious about the Island after reading the book 😉

IMG_1009Well, our beautiful day was getting to the end, we were pretty tired by 5pm already and took the ferry back to St.Ignace.

I forgot to mention I was getting up every night at about 2am, checking for aurora borealis… but no such luck… I still hope to see it one day…

Got to love those old-fashioned phones 😉 Kids were shocked to see them (‘Mama, look, what a funny-looking phone!’ Funny looking? I guess they haven’t seen one like that in their lives…)

Last night in St. Ignace, and of course we went to see the sunset… Caught a bit nicer one this time…


Goodnight St. Ignace… In the morning – we’re off to Duluth, Minnesota…


3 thoughts on “Around Lake Superior – Summer Vacation 2015 —> #3. Mackinac Island

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  2. It looks so beautiful there! A trip to Mackinac has been on my bucket list since I read a book that was set there. It wasn’t the one you mentioned though. I can’t remember the name of it as I didn’t like it very much but it did lead me to do some research on the island. Are visitors to the island allowed to bring their own bikes or do you have to rent them there?
    Great post, I enjoyed reading about your trip. 🙂

    • Though I haven’t seen people taking bikes on the ferry, I can’t see why wouldn’t it be allowed – there were no signs forbidding anyways 🙂
      Thanks, I fell in love with the Island, it is such a sweet place!!! 😀 (with the amount of fudge stores it cannot NOT be sweet 😉 )

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