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Around Lake Superior – Summer Vacation 2015 —> #4. Duluth


When we were planning our stops on this trip, we did not know that “a Duluth” existed at all. Much less what kind of place it is.IMG_1022 Booked hotel there just because it seemed like it was the only bigger town/city on the way, at a reasonable distance from St.Ignace.


I also spotted a town called Christmas that was on our way 🙂 As we’d be driving through it anyways – we decided to make a stop in there 🙂 Sure enough- there it was, Christmas, a place where every day is IMG_1017Christmas… 😉

And even though the sign seems to be missing an “h”, it still is cute, with its decorations, the “Santa’s Workshop” gift store, some cut-out scenes from kids stories 🙂


The streets have “christmasy” names, Reindeer Run for example, and more. It was a fun stop 🙂


Sometimes we discovered places accidentally 🙂 Just like that one time when we needed a “pit-stop” 😉  and right there, at that picnic area, was quite nice waterfall. That’s how we discovered Agata Falls 🙂


Arrived in Duluth pretty late, we were pretty lucky to discover a family restaurant right beside our hotel. After dinner we caught a glimpse of sunset and went off to sleep.IMG_1077

Our next trip would be shorter, some 400km, so we decided to stop downtown Duluth (before setting off to Thunder Bay), to check out what we can see there 🙂

IMG_1083It turned out we could see some interesting things 🙂

There was a bridge that would lift up to let a boat go through, some old anchors and other neat things lined up along the boardwalk. IMG_1081

Kids spotted a little bunny drawing on a “Lift Your Spirits in Duluth” sign…

There were two lighthouses, and some TV crew recording some program (did not recognize anybody there though 😉 must have been some local stuff 🙂 )


We weren’t sure why the locks on these logs, but they must have some meaning I guess 😉 IMG_1063

Quite a boardwalk (though again – not always made of actual boards 😉 sometimes cement, sometimes bricks 🙂 )

Our 2 hours we’ve put into the parking meter were getting to the end, we had to rush to the car to get there in time 🙂

Did not have time to ponder a long time over the weird “thing” in the water, which is  being referred to as a “crib”…IMG_1096

The structure is made out of cement and according to what was written on the information board – is staying put regardless of the weather conditions…


One last look at the fountain/sculpture titled as “a man falling into water” or something similar, that was the only time I did not take a picture of the information board 😀

Two hours passed by pretty quickly and it was time for us to go.

Next stop – Thunder Bay 🙂


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