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His feet were swelling, the circulation was poor, I thought I’d make a pair of slippers… They’d stretch when needed and stay smaller otherwise. Only it was taking me a while, as I have never tried an adult size slippers before… Tried a few patterns, I had to take the knitting apart few times as the sizes weren’t working… finally I figured it out, happily knitting away… till that day, about one month ago…

…and now it’s too late. He does not need them anymore…


…and now I just can’t do anything with it… can’t bring myself to take it apart, and whenever I think of finishing them, a glob of something grows in my thought and the tears come to my eyes…

I think I will let them wait till it hurts less, and I will finish them. I will take them to the retirement home he was in, and maybe there will be a person that would like them…


8 thoughts on “slippers…

  1. Wow. its always difficult to know if something is fiction or not. I’ll assume it is which is why I won’t offer condolences because that might be upsetting if it is fiction. But even leaving that aside, that was a powerful piece, I felt the punch. Good writing.

  2. Sounds like a good idea. Sorry.

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