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No clue what started it. How did it start at all. But a few months ago I started to think about adopting a cat. I let that thought brew in my head first, then I was doing little research here and there as to the possibility of coexistence of cats and bunnz… Then I was getting more vocal to my Husband about it… then… well.

I wish I could say I decided we’ll adopt a cat…

I can’t say that, as I am still not sure…

Not only not sure – but scared like… I don’t know like what. But very. Main thing being – various “what ifs”…

-what if it will turn out that there will be some things we just can’t cope with? if for example he/she will stubbornly pee on the floor instead of litter box?

-what if he/she won’t like a family member? and will be showing it very vividly?

-what if he/she won’t like to stay at home sometimes and whenever we come back there will be something destroyed?

-what if…

The worst being – what if it will turn out that having a cat is totally NOT my cup of tea? that the cat and me do not go together at all…? that I just THOUGHT I was a “cat person”? then what???

Lots of these are stirring in my head… sigh… Wonder what will come out of that all…


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