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Eight Photos of Happiness blog hop :)

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I like those challenges. They bring me back to my blog, especially in times that I seem to be neglecting it too much…

Thank you Joan!! (check out her site, full of beautiful home decorating ideas!)


Thank your nominator and link their blog, then:

  1. Link the creator of the tag, Ariel’s Little Corner of the Internet
  2. Display your 8 photos of happiness
  3. You can add a little description of the photos
  4. Tag up to 10 other blogs!


So – to the point 🙂

What makes me happy…


  • when my Family is together, healthy and peaceful.


  • my wonderful pets – Flippy, Binky… and Pumpkin of course 🙂



  • when I feel God’s presence in my life… so close I can nearly touch it..


  • sunrises (above)… and sunsets (below)…



  • books-a-plenty!!! 🙂


  • and when I can hold my Husband’s hand…

Those are just some of. I was limited to 8, but probably could have put here twice as much… The life is built of those little sparks of happiness. It is good to stop every now and then, and realize their presence in our life 😉

My nominees are:


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