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Research Gone Bad… —-> Kreative Kue 44


– See? I was telling you – as soon as we’ll put some leather jackets, put the helmets where everyone can see them, the place will get empty. – Ted nodded his head to point out the emptiness of the place.

– OK, So you were right, but now what? I thought we were supposed to record interactions…- Rachel noticed grumpily.

– Shhh, quiet everyone, I think I just got a text…- Annie reached to her backpack/purse to fish for the phone.

– Oh yeah, like you’re going to find it in that mess! – Gab teased good-naturally.

– I have no clue what am I doing here at all – Bob, the oldest one in the group did not like how the situation turned out to be. The task seemed to be so easy – go into the students pub, dressed up as not too hard core bikers, and observe the reactions. They did not expect any hostility towards them, there was no need for any backup, they were just supposed to behave naturally, speak if spoken to, engage in conversations… And it looked as if it’d work – people did not seem to mind them at all, some smiling, some saying hi. Only after few minutes it turned out they were the only ones left there!

Suddenly the big “thump” echoed in the empty hall… Annie looked up from her phone, pale as if there was no single drop of blood in the veins of her face…

– Guys… it’s not what you think… I got few texts from the Boss… They’ve got a tip there is a bomb somewhere in this room…

Post written as a response for Keith’s Kreative Kue #44


3 thoughts on “Research Gone Bad… —-> Kreative Kue 44

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  2. At least they’ll know that it wasn’t them drove everyone away; if only briefly! Thanks, Emilia, I enjoyed it.

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