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“Just those few more steps” – he thought, dragging what was left of his feet… cut, bruised and blistered so badly, his brain stopped registering the pain. Briefly he wondered how was that possible… Was the pain in his heart and soul so big, it overpowered all the other feelings?

She said she’d be waiting no matter what and the calm, pale-pink smoke gently rising above the house of his childhood told him she kept her promise.

How much he longed for this moment…

Next morning the villagers found him at the doorsteps, with delicate, pink cloud covering his lifeless body…

Post written for 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#168 & Ultimate Blog Challenge 

5 thoughts on “Homecoming…

  1. Oh this is so sad & has left me with so many questions. Beautiful writing!

  2. This was lovely, but sad, as Melinda said. Brought a tingle to my nose.

    • it is so “funny” to write something knowing the limit is 100 words… This story started as something totally different, evolving slowly, to finally take this shape… I am pleased with how it turned out… though yes, I admit it is sad…

  3. Wow.. powerful. And sad.

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