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On the Boardwalk…



meet me one day

on the boardwalk

as I slowly stroll

passing by the wall of silver birch trees…


meet me on the boardwalk

as I sit on wooden bench…

-look, water is so smooth

…how precious the view….


meet me on the boardwalk

as I watch the light show…

sun setting behind the islands

paints everything around

using its own palette of colours…


I’ll be there, I promise

waiting for you

…should you ever miss me enough

to come looking for me…


6 thoughts on “On the Boardwalk…

  1. Stopping by from the UBC FB page. Your post brought me down memory lane and took me to a boardwalk (well it wasn’t a proper one but it’s the best reference to it) at a beach I used to go to as a teenager. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. You made me homesick for my childhood at the beach! I love the sense of longing, the feeling of loneliness in this — but at the same time, it feels so peaceful. Beautiful poemm

  3. How beautiful. I imagine this is a departed loved on speaking. That’s where I’d like to go to reminisce.

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