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…then, in the middle of the noise… —–> prompt for 100WCGU week #169


Criss-cross applesauce.

Those were my thoughts as I was sitting (crossing my legs)
in the middle of the gym-room of what was probably the noisiest elementary school in the world.

Or maybe it was just me being cranky…
but at that point I was sure that 80% of these kids will end up with some hearing loss…

The screaming kids were everywhere. Running. Jumping…

…And then, in the middle of the noise, chaos, that recess-time-apocalypse,
a pure, angelic voice grew above it all…

Everything else did not matter.

I did not matter.

Maybe I wasn’t even there.

…o mio bambino caro…


7 thoughts on “…then, in the middle of the noise… —–> prompt for 100WCGU week #169

  1. Loved this & as a retired head teacher I know those gyms! I was a bit lost at the end but was it music to end the lesson or just a child who started to sing? whatever, I liked the fade at the end. Thank you so much for sharing!

    • it was rather that all of a sudden everything else ceased to bother anymore – the beauty and purity of the voice overcame everything else 😀
      thank you!

  2. I liked the way it trailed off, to me it was as though the person had managed to zone out.

  3. Bookbug,
    I loved the way you started this post. It really got my attention. But then it became vague. I didn’t know if you were a teacher or teacher’s aid or parent looking for your child or what? I kind of figured in the middle of the chaos, you heard your child’s voice. Did the Italian mean, O my dear baby? Or maybe you simply fainted and woke up after giving birth! (That’s a little far-fetched, I know).

  4. Noise can be such a bomber sometimes. Silence is golden!

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