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3 km today. And 8km yesterday, and 4 km on Monday and Tuesday. Yeah, I’m back 🙂

A little afterthought: I’d have never thought few years ago, that there would come a day, when I’d sit by my computer, IMG_2207sweat making paths from my sideburns, through the sides of my cheeks (right beside ears), reaching my jaw and dripping down freely onto my chest. Other drops – behind my years and through the back of my neck, dripping on my back.
I don’t think I was sweating as much when I was doing 30+km on walking pilgrimages… granted, I was younger then 🙂
Anyways – sitting like that and… smiling to myself.

Because all that feels good. Because running is that kind of activity, that no matter how much, how far or how fast do you run, you DO feel good about it.

You feel like you accomplished something – be it finishing your first 3, 5, 15 km, a half- or full marathon. Be it running more than 1 minute straight – that does not matter.

Going out there and putting that one foot in front of the other, pushing yourself even if just a bit each time… And coming back out there each time.


That feels good 🙂


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