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From the earliest times that I can remember, fall meant collecting chestnuts. There were plenty of those, pretty much whichever way I’d chose… Walking to my high school, every day, I’d pick some.

“They are healthy for you” – my Babcia (Grandma) used to say. Although – how and why – she’d not been able to explain. Does not matter now anyways…
“Make sure you always keep them in your pocket!” was another of Babcia’s advises… So much it became engraved in my mind, that I do not even think much when I’m picking them up. I put them in my jacket pocket… and I forget about them. And then, after months or years (I do not throw out my clothes even if  I am not wearing them for 2 years and more. I know I’ll put them on again… 🙂 ), I find them, all shriveled and dry…

There aren’t many chestnut trees here… Or I just happen not to come across any… But this past Thanksgiving Weekend I was able to pick up a few… A handful…


3 thoughts on “memories…

  1. I remember collecting them as a child. How lovely!

  2. Those are huge! My dad always heated some for us in winter. Love them.

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