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 Yes she had her umbrella tucked neatly in her purse. She could have just walked right into this warm rain, bright purple canopy protecting her head.

For some reason she could not take even a tiny step farther… A mixture of thoughts stirring in her head… She remembered all those times she ran through those streets, not bothered by any type of weather… Those times she walked this way, her hand lovingly held by the Man of her Heart… And now…

Now she stood there, re-living her past, not knowing what to do with her “now”… Because of tomorrow she refused to think at all…

And yet, somewhere at the very bottom of her heart, she could feel a tiny spark. Bright and warm, very slowly working its “magic”, made her feel that not everything has to be dark, cold and gloomy…

There is always hope.

…a bright blue tear on the darkest, stormy sky…

My response for Keith’s Kreative Kue #46 and #fridayflash


6 thoughts on “Hope

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  3. Thank you, Emilia. A touching tale with a positive ending, and a splendid response to the Kue.

  4. Love this, it’s really positive.

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