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Last kisses of summer…


A few calendulas…IMG_2316 IMG_2315 IMG_2317

…A kind of decorative sage…IMG_2320

My favourite rose,

probably will not open,

but die rather,

never reaching adulthood…


…A lily, who knows why now trying to bloom…


And the cute tiny clematis…


All saying – good bye

…until we meet again…


6 thoughts on “Last kisses of summer…

  1. I like that you ended it in a positive note. Lovely photos too.

  2. What beautiful flowers and a great title for your writing!

  3. Poignant. The combination of photos an words evokes strong emotion. I love fall but I am sad that summer is coming to an end. Ah. Until we meet again…..

    • I’m also sad that summer is going 😦 Almost every year (save for those few with really beautiful and warm fall) I am not ready to give up the summer and “Fighting” for every time I still can get away with flip flops, no jacket, etc… sigh…

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