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A Furry Tale


Once upon a time, there was a Bun 😀 His name was Lucky. lakus

He was a funny, cute and sweet bun, who loved chewing cords…  We thought he was perfectly happy living with us, but we just happened to find out there is a miniature bun living in a barn, because his owners just like that – gave him up after few years… so we thought – maybe they’d bond? And we took the other bun…

…Named him PatchesIMG_0071

He was probably the most calm bun I’ve ever had 🙂 loved to cuddle 🙂  We were hoping that after we get him neutered, we can attempt to bond the two…


Unfortunately – Lucky got very very sick and we had to make a hard decision – put him down and let him hop through the rainbow meadows…

Couldn’t stand the emptiness after Lucky left… so we adopted a beautiful girl named Flippy. IMG_0264

The two bonded beautifully… IMG_1190

2 years later we thought we should get a different species animal… 😉 that’s how one beautiful day we welcomed Cleo to our house 😀


Sadly, this tiny bundle of joy lived very fast and very short 😦 was with us only 9 months, later I researched and found out that those tiny little guys only live to be about 10-12 months… 😦 too bad, because even though she was not too tamed, she was such a sweet little thing, so much fun to watch…

Flippy and Patches spent a wonderful 4 years together… Patches got older and started fading out 😦 It was very hard to see him go…

But predictably – we couldn’t stand the emptiness and thought Flippy could use a friend too… so we adopted a companion for Flippy. Bonding went very well, not that there is a big love between them, but they like each other enough 😉 IMG_1564

Cute as two buttons, silky-soft, little mischievous (but hey, they are bunnz, aren’t they? 🙂 ).

And then their human (guess that’d be me? 😉 ) thought – how about another furry kid? 😀 And it just so happened  there was an “adopt-a-thon” in the local shelter… 😀 That’s how Pumpkin came to our home and life 🙂

IMG_2344a IMG_2340a

Yup, he already met the bunnz 😀

Very cautiously optimistic I am about it, so far no attacks, no aggression. All meetings are under a strict supervision 🙂 but pictures like that fill me up with such joy…. 😀


9 thoughts on “A Furry Tale

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  2. Widać, że Dyniek bardziej nieufnie podszedł do tego ze stojącymi uszami 🙂 pewnie przez te uszy 🙂

  3. Love all the pictures of your bunnies. Cute. I love pet rabbits 🙂

  4. Lovely pics. I can see they have such character.

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