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Here I come, Nano!!!



Like I wrote before – I signed up for NaNoWriMo. That means that I’d make the most serious attempt at actually WRITING a book. Joined/registered at the site, so this is official business now…

So… What did I do so far? In the means of preparation?


IMG_2349aI got a cat.

What? Haven’t you read any of the bios of the cozy mystery authors?? Some 90+% of them have at least one cat! Or are close friends with one! Having a cat is, like, a MUST or something.
So I have (OK, it is a family cat, but haven’t it been for me – we’d not have him. There. 😛 ) Pumpkin.

Though who actually HAS whom here is still debatable…

If even my Husband lets him sleep on his own DESK? Why, lets wait a few weeks and I bet my morning coffee (yeah, that’s how certain I am!) that Pumpkin will possess  his OWN computer AND desk…IMG_2338a

BUT Pumpkin still is not allowed to sleep in any of our beds 😀 That’s how tough I am! Huh! (For how long more? Huh? 😛 )

Anyways. So I have a cat.

I also have two main characters.

And a vague idea of a plot.

Some back stories that I’d like to include…

…And I am scared.

Make it double scared…

First – I’m scared that I will not be able to finish, that the idea will turn out to be too big for me…

Second – I’m scared that I will finish… and it will turn out to be a pile of crap…


Even if so…

…I’ll still have the cat, right…?


14 thoughts on “Here I come, Nano!!!

  1. A CAT?!? Wow haha I think I am allergic to cats… 😉 But they are very adorable. Well, I would just say to not really worry about reaching the goal. Obviously, that’s what you’re hoping for (striving more like) but if you don’t reach it or your sorry turns out bleh, don’t stress it! It’s fun to be a part of it, am I right? I, on the other hand, have no time or creative juices worth 5,000 words let alone 50,000. So I will be impressed no matter what. Hey, I’m just impress that you signed up! You go!
    -Amy XD

    • thanks!!!! I was actually feeling pretty down and guilty about not writing enough recently, life and other things happening, and your comment was just what I needed!!! 😀 😀 😀

  2. I promise to read it no matter what – so there – you have one reader. Now give me a book to read. No matter you are scared if you sit each day and write those 1500 words. And if at the end the book won’t be what you’ve expected noone will forbid you to work on it more after NaNoWriMo ends. Good luck

  3. I think it must be like anything else, the more you do it the better you get. Maybe start off doing a novella or two and see how it goes. If you do it because you enjoy it and feel you really need to, then keep at it. I’m sure you will do great!

    • NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month 🙂 the whole thing is to write a novel in one month 😀 writing about 1500 words a day 😀 A big challenge I know, but…? 😀

  4. I, too did little preparation last year (my first), but the story carried me through. I’m hoping for the same this year. I tend to be something of a loner, and don’t get involved in the fora, support groups etc., but I’m always here if encouragement is needed;
    I’ve taken the liberty of adding Kimberley as a buddy; hope you don’t mind Kimberley.

    • I am not sure what is little prep, for me – being as I am very spontaneous – ANY prep work is huge 😀 I am in equal parts scared, curious and thrilled about this new (for me) challenge! 🙂

      • You’ll do great; I have every confidence.
        Take a look at the ‘month-long novelist agreement and statement of understanding’ here, Emilia. I printed it out, signed it, laminated it and stuck it on my wall where I can’t fail to see it. Keeps things in perspective.

  5. Excellent! Very best of luck with Nano. I’m doing it for the second time, I really loved it last year. I didn’t do the exercises that you can join in cos I was concentrating on getting 50,000 words down, but I did use the forums for ideas and chat, and also had a great writing buddy, Lynn Veihl, who kept me motivated. If you want a buddy for encouragement, I’m kimmie63 on Nano, just invite me and I’ll invite you back. Hope you have fun!

    • yup, sent the invite 😀 Still not sure how that stuff works, the forums there are to elaborate for my liking, I do not want to spend hours digging through it , so probably will just wind a few topics that I’ll follow (already picked a few actually). Yeah, the ones for ideas and brainstorming would come in handy for sure… 🙂

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