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From my reading couch… – part 1: Ellery Adams

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Well. Considering that my favourite spot for reading is… a chair by the IMG_2364kitchen table (yes, wooden chair, and YES I DO have a pillow under my 3 or 4 lettered part of body. I even had to get another pillow for a spare chair, because Pumpkin kept stealing my spot! Here he is in the transition stage of sorts, not quite sure if he can trust that “other spot” 🙂 ) – the title should have been from my reading chair, but I decided couch sounded better 🙂


The last reading update was when I discovered my library finally got Ellery Adams Books By The Bay series. And that’s where I wrote a few words about book #1 in the series – “Killer Plot”.I was so thrilled to finally… sink my reading fangs (??? Where did that come from???) into the series. Since that time I’ve read quite a few books, finishing then available By The Bay series included. I decided that if I were to add here even just few words about each book – the post would be way to long.  And so in this one – just Books By the Bay 🙂


8732194<– Watch out Oyster Bay people – there is a Cliche Killer on the loose! What a neatly plotted mystery! I am still in awe for all writers club snippets that are in the book (they were also included in book #1) – must be that much harder, to think of possible plots for 5 more books (one for each member of the club 🙂 ). In a way it is as if the author was writing not one but a few books at the same time.
I loved the side story about Olivia’s father…  – touching and moving, and quite a mystery in itself.
And as always – the main, mystery plot – very interesting and moving pretty fast!


–>Bayside Book Writers are thrilled to find out the 10998463bestselling author is coming to town!
But when he was found strangled, everyone wants answers.
Will they be wishing they never found out the truth, when they find out whodunit?
Touching, intriguing, captivating.
I actually had a hard time figuring out if the mystery was here a main plot, or Olivia’s family story, or maybe her love life 🙂  Switching between them all – I was crying, I was laughing and biting my fingers wondering what will come next. Kept me guessing, even though I had my suspects 😉


<– Look out everyone -there is a witch in town!
Well, not so much in town, as on a secluded island… Olivia gets called to her, and when she reluctantly does go there – she does not get much of an answer to anything, but more questions. Not sure if to believe it or not, she tries to shake it off, but then she finds out the witch was murdered. Left with a memory jug of keepsakes she got from the witch, she has no choice, but dig into the mystery…



–> The nice gathering of storytellers suddenly
goes bad when the best one turns up dead… In addition – it seemed as if she predicted her death. Rumor has it that she had some invaluable treasure and maybe – just maybe – that’s what got her killed?
Past mysteries come back to light, our Bayside Book Writers/Detectives bunch (and of course Chief Rawlings 😉 ) have a good puzzle to solve, and at the end it looks like the killer might be just someone too close to home…


<– Time capsule! Who wouldn’t want to be among the people who discover one? Well, those who have something to fear about their past, ofcourse… Whose ancestors were involved in some unfairness, injustice…
Discovery of a time capsule in Oyster Bay’s Presbyterian Church is followed by two deaths… Coincidence? Ah, but the Chief of the police does not believe in such. What’s left, but to gather the Bayside Book Writers and go around in search of any clues…
Meanwhile, as Olivia prepares her Chef’s wedding, she has to come to terms with her own past, to be able to step into the future with the love of her life…



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