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Sometimes something happens and your life gets weird. Even if it is positively weird – still pretty shaken (as long as not stirred it should be fine? πŸ˜‰ )

Anyways – looks like I know now how it is not to have time for writing… NaNoWriMo – though fun – turned out to be not too successful. On the other hand – the fact that I could come up with a plot, few characters to the point that I started thinking about them as if they were alive – should count for something, shouldn’t it? πŸ™‚


Christmas is coming, this year much faster than usually, but that’s good. Long time ago I decided that if I am to clean anything for Christmas, that something would be my heart rather than house. Don’t get me wrong – I do not say to have a messy house or that cleaning is not important at all – but by far not my priority…

And if I am to suggest anything to anyone that’d read those my words – it would be that you try to slow down. Do not let the “shopping fever” get to you. Your kids will be happy with the gifts Saint Nicolas (Santa, Sw.Mikolaj, or however you call Him πŸ™‚ ) will bring them, no need to get overboard. And you my dear friends – stop by the Nativity Scene, wherever you might see it, and take it all in. The fact that He came to Earth as one of us should mean a lot to us. He wanted to be one of us, just like us in everything but sin. To make sure that we have the courage to call His name and KNOW that He will understand our pains and sorrows – He was one of us…

So have a very Merry Christmas everyone. πŸ™‚ Let the little Baby Jesus truly be born in your Hearts!!!!


3 thoughts on “Christmas-upside-down-time…

  1. I don’t like the commercialization that holidays havebecome. Have a great Holiday with family and friends . Take a moment to Pray and Pray for WORLD PEACE.

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