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The New…

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Yeah, the Old did not end great.

First of all – on Christmas Day, about half an hour before the party (which this year was supposed to happen at our place), while cleaning the french press tea/coffee pot, I cut my thumb.

Well, that is somewhat an understatement. I literally made a hole in the bottom of the GLASS part of the pot. Like so:


I swear – the only part broken was that hole in the bottom. Which of course ended up in the hospital, with 5 stitches and some surgical glue, as I managed to cut my thumb in two places. Came back with a nice thumb-puppet:


Thumbs up? Not so much. Turns out one needs one’s thumb more than it could seem…

Today, 8 days later it turns out the stitches can come out (thankfully, I hated them!), but as to the tip of the thumb – it does not look beautiful and needs to be seen by a specialist. Thanks a lot, hospital emergency team. Or to be precise – thanks doc. Now what? I have no clue, got scared by a doctor, back to see them again tomorrow. AND got referral to a wound clinic of some sort. Ghrrrr. Way to start a New Year…

On the second day of Christmas, I got a message from a friend back in my hometown that a dear childhood friend of mine passed away 😦 She was sick for a while, but hoping for the best… I had a lot of childhood flashbacks since… Thinking of all the fun we had together, waiting for the school to start, either at her place or at mine, all the games we played, the kindergarten times, the primary school… 😦
Thinking about her children as well… One could say they aren’t little anymore, they’ll cope… Sure they will, but is there ANY time during growing up of a person, that they can say they don’t need mother? Especially an early-teen-aged daughter…

So, taking that all to consideration, I do not even attempt to summarize the 2015… I just can’t. Whatever happened, it is past now. And I just very cautiously hope that 2016 won’t continue the way it started…


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