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got to admit…



I’m not the best blogger that can be recently. Not by far.

My works in progress are hung on a nail of the imagination, as the life is happening around me so fast and fascinating, I feel like I do not have enough capacity in my head/heart/mind to comprehend or take it all.

Yes, I finally started working. And right away full time. Nothing strange, it should seem… Yet for a person who, save for the 2 years straight from University did not work outside of the house at all – that IS a big deal…

Just so happened to top it all, that it is a job I enjoy very much doing. I had no clue when I was starting, that I’d be enjoying it so much. I gained a job, but also I gained a friend… A kindred spirit, just as in “Anne of Green Gables”…

I know, excuses, excuses and if you really want to you can do both – be a blogger AND work full time. Well, sure thing. Yet for me, who hates housework of any kind – it is a challenge, to keep the house in decent shape (note that my decent is probably someone else’s state of utmost mess 😉 everything is relative 😉 ) even without being absent 6-8 hours every day. On the other hand – at least now I have a valid excuse 😉

Keeping up with reading is a challenge now as well 🙂 I was able to finish my goal of 100 books last year, but this year I set my goal really low, at 60 books and still I see I am 2 books behind…

Oh well.

I’m hoping to do the A to Z this year again though, to try to keep me more active 😉

See you in April then! 🙂


5 thoughts on “got to admit…

  1. Good luck wth the new job! I look forward to catching up with your blog for the Aa-Z Cjallenge in April.

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