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A – is for …




As in : A-Z AGAIN.

Yes, because I like challenge, love blogging and because I kind of gave it up as the changes in  my life started happening…

And so I am starting it over.


This time not too sure I can finish, but setting it up as a challenge, because it is something I really love… I’ve been writing “a” blog (on different websites, in different language, but still a blog!) for almost 14 years now… I think it somehow became a part of me and my life…

Last year’s A-Z I did with totally random titles. This year – I’m going to try to stay around things/people/events that mean a lot to me…

A is also for ASICS. The brand of running shoes I use for my running 😉

Here is the very first (of the two 😉 ) pair I own.

So here we go with an A.

Also for April Fools… 😉


13 thoughts on “A – is for …

  1. Asics used to be quite a popular brand at one time…love the crochet ankle warmers!!
    You can finish this challenge! Just keep at it! 🙂
    Writer In Transit

  2. Yay for getting back to blogging. I always love to see people pick up the blogging baton and run with it! And speaking of running.. I don’t but I do walk a lot and just bought some Nike’s the other day. My first pair – I love Sketchers but they didn’t have what I was looking for. – The Nike’s are working out well. Super comfy for my long walks! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my place. I’m heading up to letter “B” now. 🙂

    • I did not run till September 2014 🙂 I thought I hated running and that it was a sport not for me 😀 well, turned out I was wrong 😉
      thanks for visiting!

  3. Congrats on doing this AGAIN… This is my first go at the AtoZ Blogging Challenge. Should be fun! I’m also a fan of Asics.

    • oh it is lots of fun! Last year I started it totally last minute, I found out about it the day before the start 😀 and I loved every day of it!

  4. Happy Blogging. Great start. Can’t go wrong with Asics.
    @SorchiaDuBois from

  5. Again…. could be my mantra. I’ve restarted blogging more times than I care to count. This time? Hopfully it’s here to last.
    Good luck!

  6. Certainly starting to feel like an official April Fool, doing this challenge last minute. Perhaps that’s why it’s held in April…

    Farin; from The Newest Vazquez

  7. Yep, I’m looking out for any April Fools jokes in the news today. Have enjoyed both of your A posts, Emilia and Keith, here’s to a good month …

  8. Hi, Emilia. Interesting start; I can’t wait to see whatthe rest of the month brings.

    Don’t do running myself so I don’t recognise the brand, but I do know about April Fools, and I am totally disbelieving everything I see until it’s over!

    Keith Channing at

  9. Hah had a laugh towards the end.. thats a nice way of linking things with the letter A.

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