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C – is for…




Simple snack, taken for granted… Well, I came to appreciate it in my childhood (yet another C 😉 ), when a good chocolate was almost impossible to find, and if it was in a store, you’d have to have special coupons (yup, C) to get any… So once I had a few squares, I’d take it one by one, sit with a book (usually one I’ve read already 😉 ), and very slowly nibble on the chocolate, tiny corners (you got it, C) at a time, until it was all gone. For some reason I still remember that taste – bitter-sweet, dark chocolate… mmm…
Now obviously I can have a piece any time I want, it being readily available in my fridge or at the store, but that taste, that picture of me curled up with a book… yeah…


Another of my favourite “c” words is Coffee 😉 IMG_1386
Dark and very strong. Nothing added, just coffee…
The first sip of the day is usually too hot to taste, but I love how the heat from it, the smell and taste all combined go right to that spot somewhere in my mind, tickling it just as nothing else can 🙂 I know it sounds kinda creepy 😉 (See what I’m doing here? with all the “C”s? :P), but that first sip is what I need to start the thoughts flowing properly 😉 (Preferably to go with a good book, but not always possible, plus – Book was a “B” 😉 )




16 thoughts on “C – is for…

  1. I wonder how many of us A-to-Z’ers chose coffee today as you and I did… Cheers to you for the good idea of “double-dipping” coffee with chocolate. I remember one Christmas getting a coffee/chocolate pairing set from my sister that Starbucks put out one year.

    Time to drain the French Press!

    @AnthonyFNavarro from
    Constantly Improving

    • nope, no french press for me – I had a “little” freaky accident with it, while cleaning I made a hole in the bottom of the glass container with my bare thumb… suffice to say I still have that thumb, though it was useless for good 2 months…

  2. I like chocolate 🙂

  3. You have just described ME!! Coffee and chocolate! Heaven! My house is never without either. My love for coffee started when I was a child and my mother had an old perculator that sent the smell of freshly made coffee round the house. Naturally I was too young to drink it then. I’ve since made up for it and have 11 varying coffee machines (each one used at least once a week) and enjoy every cup I make. Thanks for a delicious post.

    • yup, coffee started for me with the smell as well 😀 my mom would just pour water over the coffee grinds in her cup (“Turkish style” coffee 😉 ), and I’d just inhale it until she was ready to drink 😀

  4. I don’t really have a sweet tooth.
    …but I LOVE my coffee!!
    Writer In Transit

  5. i love chocolate, as darker as tastier!! in spain we have “chocolate con churros”, the best combination!!!

  6. Tasty post for C! I am both fan of chocolate and coffee. I am in this challenge also but due to some technical issues my C post will be online only today…and the D also.

    Sinziana from
    Sparkling Shoes Girl

  7. I must be a man of extremes.

    Chocolate? 90% or better. I once visited a chocolatier in Paris and asked if they had anything better than 90%. The assistant offered me 100%. “So,” I said, “No milk, no sugar, nothing else?” “What part of 100% is it you’re having difficulty with?” she asked, in French, of course.

    Coffee? Espresso, of course! I have two machines in my study.

  8. Oh, coffee and chocolate are some of the best things. Better yet, combine them and get chocolate covered espresso beans 🙂

    Farin from The Newest Vazquez

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