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J – is for

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Except the life being a journey, I consider just one more of my travelling experiences a Journey… My emigration.

It was not just a flight. Nor was it the distance.

It was the fact that from now on, everything was going to be different.

One could think that when one gets married, that’s the beginning of a journey, even if one stays in the same place as before…

How much more profound was it when I, newly married, a week later, packed into two of mine, and one of my Husband’s suitcases, went to the place I knew only from a visit. To a town, I’ve never been to. To a house I’ve never seen even. I’ve put everything I had and I was right there – into our life together. Love was everything.

And I did not regret it one bit 🙂

And the journey is the most incredible, most beautiful, or maybe even more beautiful I’ve ever imagined…. 😀IMG_2311


One thought on “J – is for

  1. Lovely words. Congratulations on the happiness you’ve found and made,

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