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“Never Again…-Ned’s story”

/Oh it has been too long since last time I responded for Keith’s Kreative Kues!!! #72 this time 😀 /

‘So that’s where you ended, you …’ not used to cursing, Neddy had a hard time to find the word that’d fit here. Yeah, his parents would’ve been proud. They’ve successfully created a human being unable to use the words banned in their house. There was a list of them, which made it so much worse at first, after all they were right there, printed on the red sheet of paper, bold font. Every single day he stared at them. Knew the shape of each letter. The punishment for using? Oh, nothing really. Except the parents would not speak a word at all for a week. Yeah, laugh all that you want, until you realize it is not so funny, when you’re a 6 year old.

Ned shook the memory out of his head. He looked again at the lifeless body… Oh yes he knew him. The whole neighbourhood knew him. That was the… no-good son of the… ghrrr… The “being” (not quite sure he’d call him human being) responsible for kidnapping five children in the city. ‘Yeah, NEVER again. Never again a family will be crying because of you.’

Looking carefully around, checking all details, his senses sharp as a surgical knife, Ned was taking pictures of anything and everything he considered odd or helpful. Yeah, the camera specialist would come in a few minutes, but it does not hurt to have a backup.

And that’s when he noticed it..

The Hand…

At first it looked like an average patch of fog… Then he noticed the fingers and thumb… As big as the body. All of a sudden a big chill went through his chest, and he couldn’t move or breathe for a moment.
And just like that it all was gone.

Literally, all.

No body, no tape, no fog.

‘Good thing I took pictures with my…’ Just as he was thinking that, Ned realized his cellphone was gone as well…

Never Again…?



4 thoughts on “N – is for…

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  3. Thank you Emilia and welcome back. I like that – a lot.
    And more than half way through the A-Z, too.

    Keith Channing A-Zing from

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