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O – is for…


o … opening your eyes…

But no,IMG_3538

not with that blank,

not really seeing any thing, glare.


Open your eyes…


This robin is just too skinny…



These little umbrellas

Shyly turn their faces away…

as if looking into your face

was too much…





trying to break free

from her winter shell..


IMG_1637a Forsythia

soaking in



bit of sunshine…


Open your eyes…

The world IS beautiful…


4 thoughts on “O – is for…

  1. The world is indeed beautiful, as is your post. I’m not sure I ever paid attention to magnolia buds before, but clearly I’ve missed out on some delightful magic. My eyes are open now!

    • thank you very much for your kind words 😀
      As for magnolias – they are my favourite spring blooms 😀 And because I have one magnolia bush by my house, I am observing it daily 😀

  2. It’s such an amazing poem and refreshingly told:)

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