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P – is for…


p Why, Pumpkin of course!!!!

As in – Pumpkin the Cat!

We did not really plan to adopt the cat.IMG_3344

Not that I have never thought about it – of course I did. But always scared as to what would be the litter pan situation, and… can we afford it?

The idea was on and off in our conversations.

IMAG0875Until September 2015, when the local shelter announced the “Adoptathon” – where they waved the adoption fees for the cats and other small animals.

That’s when, out of curiosity, I checked the shelter’s website… and sawkitty3 this little guy…


(You can read the story about the adoption HERE, as I posted it in September 2015 🙂 )

Pumpkin turned out to be a perfect fit to our family! Kids adore them, and he lets them (especially my son 😉 ) to get away with lots! IT is not to say that he won’t let them know enough is enough 🙂


And here goes yet one more of my dreams that came true 😀




3 thoughts on “P – is for…

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  2. Pumpkin says thank you for giving me a loving home. He’s sweet!

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