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S – is for


s Sisters.

Who fought something fierce for first 15 years of their life. We’re talking physical wrestling, scratching, biting type of fights. But stuck together like a wall when facing any “danger” from outside (a six year old sticking up to a 15 year old guy, when he was bullying her 10 year old sister).

4 Years apart, might as well be a world between them…

Everything changed 180 degree, when the older was facing an operation. A 16 years old younger sister realized that the 20 year old might be blind for life… A true life changer. From everyday fighting to best friends within a few days.

And best friends ever since.

Love you, Big Sis.



4 thoughts on “S – is for

  1. What a lovely picture of your relationship with your sister. I hope she was okay.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. U nas potrzebny był osobny adres zamieszkania, żeby sie poprawiło 🙂

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