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U – is for

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uSo they called him a Unicorn. 

Not for his appearance of course – he was as much human as any next person you can see on the street.

Nor did he had any unusual abilities – unless you call reading an average of two books a day something special… (Nowadays? Are you kidding me? We live in the times of TV/PC/iPad/you-name-its. Maybe reading is unusual actually…)


Wherever he went, his presence radiated that special warmth, that went straight for the hearts of anyone around him. The warmth that, in turn, was spreading from the heart to every bit of one’s body… Right to the fingertips. And the person couldn’t help but smile. Not a fake, glued to the lips, polite smile. Nope. A very contagious, warm and cozy one. The one that, in turn, spreads further and is passed on everywhere, in the bus, in the coffee store lineup…


Unique as well as very rare…





One thought on “U – is for

  1. Sadly, the sight of anyone looking genuinely happy is becoming rarer by the day and in many places, if you smile at a stranger, the reaction you receive may well not be the one you expect!

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