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Lots of happening. G00d, bad and so-so. And stuff that was both. In a short period of time. Like the time when my Big Sis came to visit (haven’t seen her in 2 years). Great 2 weeks. And then she had to go home. Boo.

Party number one, two and who knows.

June that came packed with action to the brim.

May that passed who knows where…

But all was beat into pieces, when the news came from across the ocean…

One of my high-school bestie’s husband died in a car crash.

As in died – was killed… I mean, come on? 42? Calm, not drinking, happy and happily married? Father of 3? HIM?

So of course the question was – how in the world….???

The answer so stupid. Heart problems. Most likely heart attack behind the steering wheel. Two boys in the car came out of it with no major damage – a broken leg and some scratches. Bruises probably as well. No other car was involved. Just like him, living in a way that nobody gets hurt. Dying…

Except that now his Wife and Kids are hurt big time.

And the Twin Brother, who was supposed to be the one to go there and then, on that trip, with these boys…

She showed up on FB the other day… And I was just choking up…

I mean – what do you say to a person (nevermind that that person is a friend…) whose world just crushed into bits? Nothing came to my mind anyways 😦

Except that I let her know I’m here. Far away, but as close as the click of the keyboard and internet connection…

Hate being so helpless…


4 thoughts on “Busy thoughts…

  1. I haven’t got anything to offer I’m afraid, that would make any difference to you or your friend and her family. But just to say that I was sorry to read this news, and wanted to acknowledge how raw you are feeling about this.

  2. No it’s never easy. We don’t know what God’s plan is for us. That happened to a close friend of mine. Her husband had a heart attack at age 50. She was in California and I in Md. All you can do is what you did. Be there for her giving emotional support. Hang in there my friend! Hugs from far away.

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