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dscf3102aKeith’s Kreative Kue 84

/Because it’s been a while… Thank you Keith! 🙂 /

No. Whatever you do, whatever you think you should be doing, do not go back.

It makes no sense. On this fork of the road, you did let her and the dogs decide which way. They decided. Then why…

Too many maybes, to many what-ifs. It has been so easy before it happened. Before you had decided to pack everything into one, medium sized backpack and leave…

She has always been there for you. Thick and thin, and whatever the crazy idea hit your head.. Supportive to a fault… That was probably the reason why you thought to get her to decide which way this time… She would have let you go yet again. She’d watch you becoming smaller and smaller with each step, till you disappear, and, sighing deeply, she’d go home and from that moment on she’d be doing what she knows best…

Waiting for you… You did it so many times, yet her heart breaks each and every time the same…

So why…

“Mom, lets go home…I’m staying…”


5 thoughts on “Fork…

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  3. It’s great to see you again, Emilia. Thank you so much for this superb, emotionally charged scene.

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