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so much happening, so little time…


I just  discovered that work gets in a way of lots of things.

Take running for example – I used to be able to run in the races Saturdays OR Sundays. Now? Sundays please. Somehow I managed to sign up for more races this year than last… Then again – I can afford to sign up for races and not think: gee, for that amount of money I could get… 🙂

Also – not sure how did that happen – but I signed up for a half marathon… yaaaay me… I have exactly 25 days to prep for it now… considering that my max (happened last Sunday) IMG_5144was just over 18 km, I’m almost there, aren’t I? (what are the 3 missing kms? 🙂 ) yeah… it just does not work that way… I know I can always walk a bit, that there is no real shame in that, but somehow…

Well. For me, walking was always something I was good at. I walked 7 pilgrimages (150-180km each), and I am distinguishing between running and walking – dramatically. I KNOW I can walk those 21 kms. The thing for me is now to be able to RUN it! 🙂

I find I’m reading very little 😦 sigh…

And writing even less…

Always have time for cuddles with Pumpkin though 😉 Whenever His Royal Highness wishes that is… 😉


2 thoughts on “so much happening, so little time…

  1. I feel your pain. I’ve been finding it so hard to keep up with my hectic work schedule, family life, and doing anything else I enjoy. I’ve managed to read on my commute, but writing reviews and keeping up with blogs is currently impossible.

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