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Let me tell you something. IMG_5745

For someone, who never thought he/she would be able to run 5km without walking…

For someone, who thought he/she hated running…

…there is no such thing as JUST A HALF! it was SOLID 21km race.

Race for which I was preparing for a few last weeks. OK, so maybe it was still kind of too early, I do not know. Maybe I could have prepped more, trained harder. There were so many things I could have done. Cross-training, strength-training, etc. I did not do it, for the reasons I can’t name. Oh wait. I can name one: laziness.


14102589_298273257206237_4324865380772390491_nI did the Bayshore Race – a half marathon held in Owen Sound.

21km. I ran first 19 with no walking. And then I walked a bit, 300m maybe. Then I ran again, and walked a bit. I ran the last 500m. The volunteer felt like running along me at the end.

Yes, I did not come first. Nor second. Nor third.

I was 71st. Out of 80. I thought it’d be bothering me more than it does though. I was just sooo happy to finish it! Yes, me, yes, I, the person who 2 years ago couldn’t run 500m in one piece, heck, I could barely run for 60 seconds straight.

I ran the half Marathon!!!


4 thoughts on “just a “half”?well…

  1. Congratulations! That’s a great achievement and a good time too! Have you signed up for your next one yet? 😉

    • Thank you!!! Yeah, time-wise I was pretty much on spot with my goal 😉

      I very rarely do the same run twice, so I’ll have to search for it 😉 for now I still have the Turkey Trot in October (10k) 😉

  2. Well done on a great effort !

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