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Running and (possibly) other updates

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(Not sure about other updates, but I thought the title sounded good that way 😉 )


One month! That’s how long since my last post! Wow. I’m bad. Blame it on work? sure. But I know deep down inside, that it wasn’t the case. Because I know I can write in the middle of the night, overtired, with one eye sleeping already 😉


Not sure if it is fall, honestly. Today morning I found something like that on my morning run:


And I though: REALLY???? C’mon weather, winter already??? Then I thought, actually… this is deeper than that (and I do not mean the depth of the puddle ;)) – this is Mrs. Autumn saying hello to Mrs. Winter… Sort of a chit-chat. 11810080

Yeah. Right. Who am I kidding? It was freezing, and I was running.
Funny thing, I did not want to run today. I didn’t feel like it. What I felt like doing after dropping the kids off to the bus stop, was curling up in the bed, under some reasonably thick blankie and either reading my cozy or just having a nice nap…

img_20161028_092336Well, didn’t happen.

What happened was that I took my cellphone and keys, got myself prepped for the run (fleece lined leggings and fleece vest for the first time this season… sigh…), and went to drop the kids off… Then I went for a run. I thought 6-7km. But then I guess I forgot how long the loop is, and ended up with a 10k…

And you know what? It felt great. Especially that 2 weeks ago, I had to walk a part of a race (a Turkey Trot 10k)… and it was kind of putting me down a bit… So now I know I can. Again. 🙂

If only it wasn’t so terribly cold…

And then, once I came home, Pumpkin of course had to sniff and try to figure out where did I go… 😉



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