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Logging the Lag…


Not proud of such a long non-writing period… had so many ideas, especially while running. I thought I’d continue my story, started way back almost 2 years ago… Then Christmas came and I thought for sure I’d have some time to write at least some Christmas wishes… Nope. Didn’t happen.

Life happened though. I had my very first at work evaluation and that wasn’t pretty. I felt like a huge roller went over me and squished me down  to the ground. Got blamed for stuff wasn’t my fault. Things got thrown at me, stuff I failed at, only that I hadn’t idea those were my duties. Tried to defend myself, only to get shut up by the boss. Oh there was a positive I’ve heard. I’ve got potential. Just after that, so it won’t build any hope – there was a “but”. “You’ve got potential, but you’re not using it”.

Enough to say it took me over 2 weeks  to get up. Next few to find my motivation again. Because, Mr.Boss, negative motivation is, in fact “anti-motivation”. You should know that by now.


My running suffered, my reading took a hit as well. I failed to reach 60 books for 2016. Yet another failure. And another.

But I’m getting back. To running (though just 1-2 times a week so far…), to reading (aiming for 60 again, am 2 books ahead so far 😉 ).
And – hopefully to writing 🙂

So – hope to write again soon! (Info in case there still will be anyone to read it 😉 )


2 thoughts on “Logging the Lag…

  1. Plug away at it, Emilia. Look for positives and work them. There are always people who appreciate you.

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