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Her Destination


p1020119/Keith’s Kreative Kue 110/

She wasn’t quite sure why that man was staring at her so much. Yeah, she did stand out, with her scraped knees (tried rock climbing, with rather iffy safety rope that was too thin for comfort in some spots… lost her balance once and smacked right into the wall. The palms of her hands were beat up too, but she made point not to show that to anyone) and somewhat bruised face (yup, rock climbing). The fact that she was holding camera in her hands just added curiosity. The man was smiling slightly, as if he was proud that he and his booth/tent was the object of interest of a young woman. Oh well, what the heck. She came closer, smiled politely and made some conversation about the types of fish he was selling. And then she noticed it. A bright light-bulb went on in her head. Just brilliant! All of a sudden she knew what she was going to do with her life!

Quickly she lowered her camera, knelt down on one knee, and snapped the photo of the poster saying “STUDY OVERSEAS-Education Fair”…


3 thoughts on “Her Destination

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  2. Nice job! I hadn’t even noticed the wording on the posters.

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