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Staying Safe…


dscf1063a/Keith’s Kreative Kue #111/

“Great, now what? Told you not to go this way, he’s calling for backup for sure.”-she tried to look casual even though her heart was doing its best to get out of her chest and she just started to feel light headed. Oh for crying out loud, darn you anxiety, not now!

“Relax, we just passed a construction crew, he’s probably just calling them…”

“Oh yeah? what for? you see any construction here?!” Neen wasn’t convinced, though she had to admit, it could be the anxiety talking.

“They might be moving with it up the street…”Boris didn’t sound to sure even to himself. Great, the panicky little Neen has done it again, that grain of doubt started to get comfortable in his head.

“I think we better run.”

“Yeah, that won’t look suspicious at all”

“Oh come on Boris, we could be just the morning runners, there is plenty of them here!”

“See any of them in flip-flops?”

“Told you you looked ridiculous in them!”

“Seriously? NOW you will be throwing that in my face?” Boris quickly glanced at Neen’s feet “You’re not any better!”

“At least I’m not gonna lose mine!”

“Are we really going to argue about the SHOES now?”

“You’re right… how about we split right there, just past that tree”

“Should work. Meet me at the usual Timmies?”

“OK. We need to call Mr.Y… What if they were watching us for days now? I knew it wasn’t good idea to keep the kid at our place, right in the middle of the city…  They will find him and who knows what then…”

“You do realize that it still COULD be construction guy, right?”

“Well, last time it wasn’t…”




7 thoughts on “Staying Safe…

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  2. Ooh. I’m intrigued. Who’s the kid and why do they need to hide him from the authorities? What happened last time? I do agree that the flip-flops were a mistake, though.

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