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windchill, running and… (possibly) laryngitis ;)



Yeah, tough combination I think. But we did it. We-as in, for the first time, my Husband and I running in one race. I’d say together, but it wouldn’t be true – although he offered 🙂 I wanted him to feel the adrenaline once again (he used to compete in all sorts of events some years ago). Well. I did this run last year, my Husband and my Son cheering me on 🙂 This year I signed us both. With a bowl of chili and glass of beer at the end – you can’t go wrong, can you? well… unless… There is the low of -12C with the windchill of -20C on the morning of your race… AND you just happened to lose your voice…

Hence the title of this post.

I was prepping myself for the possibility I’d have to walk that 5km. I know it is ok. The thought of not going at all kinda slipped through my head once or twice, but I got rid of it saying that unless I have a fever in the morning – I’m going and that’s that. Well. My body temperature in the morning was 36.8C, which is considered perfectly normal (ok I MIGHT have cheated a smidge, taking NeoCitran extra strenght night relief, at about 11pm last night. But it’d have been gone by 6 am wouldn’t it? 😀

Anyways. We got up (an hour early, yes, the wonderful daylight saving time), ate breakfast, I took another dose of NeoCitran and we were off.

Let me tell you one thing: it was COLD! I was trying to protect my poor throat by covering my mouth and breathing through a fleece neckwarmer, but had to take it down at times as it was making the breathing a bit harder.

IMG_20170312_144117AND – not only did I finish still running, the time wasn’t bad at all! My Garmin showed we did longer than 5km, and so my time was a bit more, but still pretty good 🙂

Bowl of chili and a glass of beer followed 🙂 And Live Irish Band.

As for my throat? A visit to the doctor is in plans for tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “windchill, running and… (possibly) laryngitis ;)

  1. Well done! Rather you than me in those temperatures, though.

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