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They went to the library with the kids. This time – not their regular branch, but the one that was just by the little skating rink they just had some fun on. Or was that Pokemon hunting? One or the other. So it was some time in January. She goes wild seeing all the cozies* she’s never saw before, some authors ring the bell, some not. There is that one series in particular, that she was able to find Vol 2&3. No sign of Vol 1 of course. The bag couldn’t fit all the books and she maxed out the spots on her library card.

At home she went on the library catalog, hoping for Vol 1. No luck. Not the first time the library doesn’t care for series…

Fast-forward to Valentine’s Day. She gets a gift. You guessed it – Vol 1. He remembered. Searched in the bookstore. He cared. And.. There is even a little heart on the cover…

IMG_7675  .. So yeah. The “He” in the story was my Husband 🙂 And this is my current read 😀


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