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D is for – Destiny (Beyond #7)


[Long, long time ago (just about 2 years I believe!) I started writing something. Not quite sure what was it to be honest, lets just say simply: a story.

If interested – you can find the previous parts here:

#1, #2, #3, #4, #5#6 ]

… Anise wrapped her fingers around the mug. Truth was the obvious choice for her. Not that she was always telling the truth, she thought with a bit of a regret. But given this choice… She never wanted to know the future. Her friends in high school would go to the fortune tellers, she never went with them. No, she’d rather wait and see… She’d rather believe that nobody knows what’s going to happen… Well, God, maybe, but nobody here, on Earth. She liked to think that her decisions are hers to be made, and nobody should know what they were. Even now – had someone predicted what she’d choose?

She shook her head gently.

‘The Truth, Abe.’ She looked into his eyes. He smiled gently, and started:

‘I have to warn you Anise – it might seem, well, pretty hard to believe. But it is the truth…’ A smallish rabbit hopped to Anise’s chair, curiously tilted the head and reached with his front paws to her lap. Not even thinking about it, she lifted him up and put on her lap. He settled there, visibly content with her decision.

Seeing that Abe’s smile widened and he continued.

“Long time ago, two families came to live on this Island. It looked different here, then. Not just forests and paths, and meadows. The soil was rich and yielding nice crop…” his eyes dreamy, he seemed to have traveled back in time. He shivered slightly and came back “As I said, two families, both with…”

A sudden crash made them both jump. The bunnies hopped off their lap and scattered around the room. Two men barged in.
“Don’t move! Hands up where I can see them!” – yelled one of them.

Anise turned towards the men.
“Mike! Joe!”
Just two jumps were enough for the last one to find himself next to Anise. He wrapped his arms tight around her, surprising them both with that move.

“Are you ok, Anise? What happened? Are you hurt? Did he…” he wouldn’t dare to finish this sentence… Even a thought that something might have happened to her was unbearable.

“No, Joe, I’m perfectly fine.” Anise said looking in Joe’s face. “Don’t hurt him!” She yelled to Mike who was just about to put a pair of solid handcuffs on Abe’s wrists. “leave him alone, he’s a friend!”

Everyone’s eyes turned to Anise. Yes, everybody was surprised, herself included. Friend? Yet there was something special she felt towards the man, she didn’t know… Or did she?

“What’s going on here?” Mike started “Anise, wasn’t this the guy who kidnapped you, dragged you who knows where and…”

“Yes Mike, but honestly I think he was trying to help”

“Some way of helping” Joe mumbled under his breath.

“Can we just let him talk? And then you can decide…”

Mike didn’t  say anything to that, just stared expectantly at Abe.

The man smiled gently, and continued: “Both families were poor and in awe of the beautiful land they could call their own. They were brought there by boats, and the people that dropped them off, said they will find everything they need in the log cabins. The also said they’ll be back, but the families didn’t think about it much.
The Rock family had 2year old twin boys, the Forests – second family – 6 months old twin girls. They were very happy, each in their own house, with nice piece of land between them. Land which they started to cultivate the moment they came in. And they came prepared – with seeds of fruit and vegetables. Soon they discovered there were quite a few fruit treas on the island as well. They were happy here for a few years. Then the tragedy happened… Some men dressed in strange uniforms, armed up to their teeth, came in, tied up the parents, and stole one child from each family…”

“No!” a scream came out of Anise’s throat.

“Were they those people that dropped them off?” Joe asked Funny how he also felt like there was something familiar about Abe.

“All they said they were following orders. Didn’t say whose orders… The girl was about 3 years old, and the boy almost 5. The attackers left as quickly as they came. They left instructions behind, pretty short, that were saying that they are not to try to find the kids if they want to keep them safe .Both families were in deep shock at first, but then that’s what brought them closer together. Of course they attempted to leave island but after each try the whispers were more present, and they aren’t anything nice. The kids grew to love each other, but there always was an empty space in their hearts…”

“That’s all nice story Abe, but what does it have to do with us here?” Joe asked.

“I’m getting to it Joe” Abe smiled slightly as he answered.

“How do you know my name?” Joe asked again, looking at the man suspiciously.

“I know a lot about you… But let me finish, and believe me – you’ll understand.
One day the kids, well adult now, came back from a long walk around the island, only to find their log cabins empty, their parents missing. They knew the story of the kidnapping of their siblings… Found another note in one of the cabins, saying that their parents will be safe as long as they do not try to look for them. It also said there will be someone who will be helping them from now on.”

“Let me guess, and that some one is you?” Mike asked sarcastically.

“Yes. I was on this island from the moment they first landed here… my rabbits and I were here from the beginning… ” Abe’s voice was changing into a dreamy whisper… The whisper that sounded so familiar…

Joe looked Anise and noticed her eyes were closed. She seemed to be dreaming or thinking about something, her fists clenched. Suddenly she opened eyes, looked firmly at Abe and said:

“Was that… Were they…”

Abe stood up and put his hand on her shoulder.

“Yes Anise. Those people you saw there, was that young couple, that was left on the island.”

Joe looked sharply at Anise. Her face was white as a sheet of paper.

“Are we… And them… and us…” She couldn’t find any words.

“Yes. They were your siblings… You are the kidnapped twins… And you came here to find your destiny…”



B is for…

bBeyond… #6

Long, long time ago (just about 2 years I believe!) I started writing something. Not quite sure what was it to be honest, lets just say simply: a story.

If interested – you can find the previous parts here:

#1, #2, #3, #4, #5


Is it the same cabin?’ – a crazy thought shot through Anise’s head. ‘Impossible. I walked and walked, probably for hours!’ She looked around… there was a man sitting on that same chair, that was tipped over… or was it a similar house? But then how many log cabins can there be on this little island???

‘You’re safe now’.

Anise jumped and a little scream slipped out of her mouth. The man had very gentle voice. And very warm smile. The unkempt hair was long and seemed to be connected with the beard, all in the same, dark brown shade, speckled with single gray hair. He had a big white rabbit on his lap.

Seriously, what’s with those rabbits?

The man pointed at one of the chairs, inviting her to sit down.
‘It’s okay. Don’t be afraid. I meant no harm. But it wasn’t safe for you to be here before…’

All of a sudden she felt tired, and thought that sitting wasn’t actually a bad idea… Anise looked at the man with questions in her big,calm eyes.
‘But those two…’ she started, but stopped immediately. How was she to ask about the two bodies in the cabin… And was it the same cabin they are in now?

The man got up of the chair and went to the far corner of the room they were sitting in. It seemed as if that was the kitchen corner, with a little wood-burning stove in the middle of it. He took the kettle of the stove and poured the water into two mugs. As he brought them to the table Anise was sitting at, she saw there was something written on them. Carefully the man put the mugs in front of her. ‘Truth’ and ‘Future’ – that’s what was written on the mugs.

‘You have to make your choice, Anise’ – the man said.

‘How do you know my name?’- Anise asked, too surprised to be scared.

‘Can’t tell you before you make your choice’. The man’s voice was very gentle but firm at the same time.

‘Can you tell me your name? Since you know mine…’ Anise didn’t plan on bargaining, just thought it was only fair, since he knows her name…

‘My name is Abe.’

Why does this name sound familiar? Where have she heard it before?

‘Do I know you…?’ she whispered.

‘Your choice, Anise’ Abe persisted.

She looked into his eyes as if she’d expect to find the answer… There was something familiar in them… She felt strangely safe in his presence. Couldn’t explain why, but she had the impression she knew him forever…

Anise looked at the mugs again and reached her hand…


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all sorts of beautiful…

I’m running, I’m reading.

And I’m working.

Lots is happening.

I’m missing writing though… Stories are buzzing in my head… All those I never finished – the Beyond series from last year… (Beyond… ; Beyond… #2 ; Beyond #3 ; Beyond #4 ; Beyond #5 …), story I started for NANOWRIMO…
Haven’t written a poem for ages…


Being responsible, working grown-up sucks sometimes…


Beyond #5

Click to find out what happened before: #1, #2, #3, #4

The cop in him wanted to tape everything around the log cabin-cottage. Although there seemed to be nobody – and no body – inside anymore, he trusted Joe when he said there were two, male and female. Now the whole “look-alike thing” – that he was not sure about. Sounded downright creepy. But, this whole situation was so crazy that he couldn’t imagine anyone making it up and trying to pass as real. Someone once said the life comes up with the craziest things, and that seems to be true in this case…

So the friend in him won. He decided that no matter how crazy things get, he`s with Joe in this one. He wasn’t  officially on this case, but Anise’s parents were advised to fill the missing person report, and Rob, the detective in their station texted him a while ago that he’s been assigned to it. Good. Rob is a good guy, and a thorough one. If there is anything important to the case to be found on mainland – he’d find it. Meanwhile he would see what he can find here…

Joe was sitting on the steps to the house, his head down, shoulders slouched down. Mike was wondering if there was something going on between the two… Anise and Joe were never a couple, well, not officially, but everyone could tell there is that spark, that something between them. So far it seemed obvious to everyone else but them.

“Joe. I told you we’ll find her. C’mon. Lets go” – Mike offered his hand to help Joe up.

“Go, Mike? Go – where exactly? Look man, we just made a whole freaking circle. I have no clue what’s going on. Why someone – and who was it? Is someone living on this island? – would kidnap Anise, and apparently let her go just like that, bringing her here, to the cabin, where we found those two… dead… copies of us? So now what? Where did she go? And where should we go?!” Joe was yelling but there was no anger in his voice. Just pain.

Mike did not have the answer. This whole situation wasn’t anything like the regular stuff he was used to. Not that there is anything regular really in his job, but still. This island had that surreal feel to it, the feel that anything and everything is possible, and, in fact, the thing with the bunnies showing the way? Well, for some reason it was not that strange anymore.

Just as he finished thinking that, they was a loud stomp right behind them. They turned their heads in sync, towards the noise. There was one of the rabbits that had brought them here. He cocked his head to one side and hopped down the stairs.

“This is crazy, man.” Joe said.
“Yeah, I know. Does not look like we have any other lead though.” Mike responded.

They followed the rabbit into the woods yet again.


Anise’s legs were tired. She was following that rabbit for what seemed to be a long time. Lost the orientation, had no clue where she was anymore, nothing was familiar, trees were thicker than ever. The rabbit in front of her was slowing down whenever he saw her slowing down, but did not stop. That’s it, I am crazy. I must be going really mad. I just need to see a Mad Hatter and then they can put me in the straight jackets, and I won’t even protest...   

After a few more minutes the woods appeared to be thinning out, to finally open up to a beautiful meadow. Right in the middle of it there was another log cabin, very similar to the one she saw just a while ago. As she walked closer, she noticed a person sitting on a chair as if guarding the doors. She couldn`t tell if it was a man or a woman – the clothes were plain and there was some scarf around the head. By his/her feet there were dozens of rabbits sitting calmly, seeming to just wait for something… Anise stopped, all of a sudden a feeling came to her, a feeling that she knows this person. That this was the person that took her from under the deer blind… Funny, she wasn’t scared. She was as calm as almost never. The person did not speak a word, just stretched out one hand, beckoning her to come closer…
Not knowing why was she doing what she was doing, Anise walked towards the house… The rabbits made a path for her, spreading on both sides, as if they were guarding the house. She stopped right in front of the door. When she turned her head towards the mystery person, there was nobody there. She turned back, looked around – but there were just rabbits around her… She looked at the door once more and went in.

Written for the #fridayflash.


Beyond #4

Click to find out what happened before: Part#1, Part#2, Part #3

…Another bead…

She couldn’t decide if she was dragged or carried. Much less could she see by whom… Nor could she see where were they heading to – she squeezed her eyes shut the moment she was grabbed from under the deer blind. Somebody covered her mouth with a cloth, which must have been soaked in something because she does not remember what happened next. What she remembers was that someone half carried half dragged her somewhere…
Now all she could think of was the beads. She counted to 10 and dropped another one. How many more she had still in her pocket – she could not tell. All she could think of is that counting. Somehow she believed that Joe will find her… again.

…eight, nine, ten… bead… one…

He said Mom and Dad were worried… Dad regretted the words he said… Deep down in her heart she knew she shouldn’t have just slammed the door and left. They deserved more than that. For them, the fact that she decided to drop out of university and spend some time trying to find herself, was the end of the world. They did not know – Anise made sure of that, she did not want to worry them… now she thought maybe that was a mistake – that she struggled… Not with courses, those were going somehow, but with the feeling she had inside of her heart – she knew she did not belong. Now, where exactly she did not belong – she had no idea and that’s why she decided to try to figure that out… It is her life, her happiness after all…

But they did not get that. Did not want to hear about her plans to go away anywhere, but University… She had no other arguments, no way to convince them, so she just left. Slamming the door…

…Drop another bead. She forgot the counting, the thoughts in her head mixed everything up…

…Who was taking her and where… And why?

Surprised, Anise realized she is not scared. It all felt as if it were a part of some bigger plan…

Suddenly all the movement stopped. Whoever took her with, wasn’t grabbing her anymore, wasn’t dragging/carrying her anymore. After counting to 10 she decided to open her eyes…

There was a log ceiling above her. She was lying down on some sort of a bench. She she sat up and looked around… Something looked familiar… She was in this place before…The wooden table, chairs… One fell over… Closet door slightly ajar… Anise touched it gently with her hand to look… and she jumped up as something small and furry sprang out through the opened door! She screamed the biggest scream in her life!
After the initial surprise – she took a deep breath in, and looked closer… It turned out to be a rabbit. Mostly white, with black socks and a patch on his breast that looked like a tie…
The rabbit stared at her from a safe distance. Then he stomped his feet and started to hop away… Then he stopped and looked at her. Anise wasn’t sure what to think about all that… Or if she should decide that it is not real after all… But the rabbit looked like he wanted something. He stomped his foot impatiently again and hopped a few steps away. Anise did few steps towards him, and she could swear he nodded his little head and started hopping toward the door… What else could she do, but follow?

She went out of the log cabin, following the rabbit, she entered the forest…


“Look here Joe!” Mike exclaimed “one more!”
Joe did not say anything but he was relieved. That was the biggest break between the beads, and with the dragging marks disappearing half way through, he was losing hope that they are going the right way. As he picked up the bead he looked around… The place looked familiar… But then they were walking through the woods for a while, and everything could seem familiar by now…

They kept walking in silence, both friends trying to make sense in all that. The facts did not add up, more than that even – they were downright weird… The two dead people that looked like them… the possible kidnapping… and the rabbits… Phew.

All of a sudden they walked out to a clearing in the woods. Joe looked and cursed badly as he realized what he saw. Mike looked at his friend expectantly, with a question in his eyes.
Without a word Joe sped up.

“Whatcha doing man?” asked Mike. Joe did not answer. In the clearing of the woods was the house. Few meters from it was the deer blind…
“Mike… it is the same house…” Joe whispered, his legs weakened as he remembered what was in there last time he went in…
“The same?” Mike did not seem to clue in…
“Yeah… The one with the two dead people in them… ” he did not finish the sentence. With some new energy he jumped to his feet, ran to the house, swung the door open. Mike was right at his heels ready to step in and take action if needed (though what kind of action he wouldn’t be able to tell..)

“Mike… Mike!!!” Joe yelled frantically as if he did not realize his friend is right behind him.
Pointing at the bench inside of the house he whispered “She was here…”

On the bench there were five glass beads, little green rock and packets of chewing gum.

“Where could she possibly go?” Mike’s question was left hanging in the air…

Written for the #fridayflash. Have no idea if and where it could be possibly going…


Beyond #3

Click to find out what happened before: Part#1, Part#2

At the bead number 6 he started to think. How many more beads did she have? And where is he going? He looked around – it seemed like he was going towards some dense park… Forrest maybe? He cursed quietly, as he thought he should have paid more attention as to where he was going… Not that he did not know where he was – generally speaking -but…
Anise. What could have happened to her? Why and by whom was she dragged? Well, by the killer obviously, who else would have done anything to this gentle and very sensitive girl?
He thought about the two dead “look-alikes”… Nope, he was not going there. Why? Simply because he thought he still was pretty sane and wanted to stay that way…
Another bead. There is a little shack about 50 meters away. Joe wondered if that’s where the… killer… well… abductor is going to take her?
A branch broke nearby and Joe nearly screamed in panic.
“Nobody is here, it is an abandoned place” he thought. And then he remembered all the rumors and stories about this place. Rumors that he used to laugh at… Well, they did not seem so silly anymore!
He turned towards the noise and spotted… some big animal with pretty long ears… If it wasn’t so big he’d have thought it was a… rabbit? But come on – rabbit the size of a medium dog?
And then it… hopped toward him. Totally like a rabbit. Joe decided he did not have time to think about it, and looked for another bead or any clue… A thought that Anise must be alive and conscious, to leave these signs behind her, made him feel a little bit better. She was like a sister to him, from the moment she moved to town, when they both were in kindergarten. It was just recently that he noticed how beautiful, delicate and sweet she was…

He shook his head as if he was trying to bring himself back to present time. Something cracked beside him again. Joe turned to see the rabbit (?) less than two meters behind him. Great. “On the other hand – it could be worse” he thought. “It could have been some wolf or whatever lives in those forests”.
So what now?
If only the phone was working… And then he remembered he had a charger in his truck. Well, too late now, there is no time…
He got up yet again and followed the beads. It seemed like the distances between the marks increased with each bead. Did Anise realize that she should be saving them? Did that someone said something about where was he taking her? It did not matter, he has to follow… The rabbit was still keeping close distance, which was bothering him because it was not something one would expect. It was adding some unreal feeling to the place, situation and everything around.
And it was supposed to be so simple. When Anise disappeared, after some silly fight with her parents (Joe still did not know the details about that), they called him and asked if he knew where she could have gone. Immediately he thought of this place on the island, Anise was talking about it very often, being so descriptive about it, that it became the first place he went. The Island of Screams and Whispers… It was the same island people in the village considered as haunted, the local legend saying something about a ghost or ghosts roaming around there every night, making lots of quiet and loud sounds… Not that he believed in ghosts and such stories of course. But even he had to admit – it all was pretty creepy…

“Joe, man, for crying out loud what’s with your phone?” the voice wasn’t loud but made him jump and his hands squeezed into fists on their own.
“Mike? How on earth did you manage to find me, my phone is dead, I did not have time to charge it and…”
“Don’t hate me man, but… remember that tiny bug we recently got to test out? We joked around that I have to stick it to your truck just for the fun of it? Well… I sort of did… Meant to take it off after a day but then you left to search for Anise, and I…”
“You’re crazy, and yeah, I’d be mad, but forget it now, we have to find Anise” Joe’s voice was cracking as he said it.
“Didn’t you find her yet?” Mike raised his eyebrows in disbelief
“Well… yes… and no…”
“Care to explain?”
Joe took a deep breath and told him all that happened on the island… well, he skipped the creepy part, like the fact that the two victims in the cottage were their look-alikes, and that a big rabbit was following him…

“What the heck is this?” Mike jumped as the big rabbit finally decided that it was time to come closer.
“Yeah, that.” Joe scratched his head “Seems to be a rabbit?”
“Well, aren’t you a joker, I see what it is but why so big?”
“Heck if I know… ” Joe let the sentence hanging sort of in mid air, not sure how much of the weird stuff should he tell his friend. Mike caught it right away.
“Joe? What’s going on here?” he asked softly, totally unlike his usual self.
Joe took a deep breath in and told him what he held back just few minutes ago.
“You kidding me, right?” was Mike’s response
“I wish” Joe said “but those two aren’t going anywhere and who knows what that creep is doing with Anise…”
“We’ll find her, Joe.” firm and calm voice of his friend was just what he needed at the moment. Yet again he shook away the ghostly rumors that seemed to be taking over his mind just few minutes ago.
And just then they’ve heard a high, piercing scream. They jumped up, ready to run after or towards it, but It seemed to be coming from everywhere! They stood there, stumped, feeling as if they were surrounded by it, not being able to figure out what direction to turn… Suddenly the rabbit that was sitting close to them stood up on his hind legs. The triangle of his nose was moving very fast, then he looked at them, with what seemed almost human look, and nodded his head, as if he was telling them… to follow?
“Do you see what I see?” Mike whispered to Joe’s ear.
“I think so…”Joe whispered back.
“You think we should… ”
“Follow him. Yeah, I do.” Joe did not care at this moment if he sounded crazy or not. The Scream was still in the air and it looked like the rabbit was their only… lead…

I might be losing here something, not sure what and how, but at this point I definitely know it will be continued. Written for #fridayflash.